NiT and FENS about improving standards in nutrition research

Establishing three international working groups

Read the proposal in Calder Feskens et al 2020 Towards Improved Standards (PDF)

NiT writes editorial in European Journal of Nutrition

What are the challenges for nutrition science today and tomorrow?

Read the analysis in Capable and credible? Challenging nutrition science (PDF)

Foundation Nutrition in Transition

December 2017: the working group NiT is now a legal Foundation



Nutrition in Transition FENS2019 Workshop Edith Feskens
Workshop at FENS2019 October 17, 2019

Dublin, October 14, 2019 Robust nutrition sciences Regaining trust and restoring relevance   DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION SLIDES Background of Nutrition in Transition In the midst of increasing societal challenges, the nutrition sciences are faced with a loss of public credibility and a need for innovative methodologies. This workshop will interactively… Lees meer