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NiT workshop JPI Brussels

Tijd en plaats

1 december 2017, Brussel, conferentie Joint Programming Initiative ‘a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life’


Exploreren welke visies en benaderingen nodig zijn om de voedingswetenschappen meer mogelijkheden en meer geloofwaardigheid te geven


Een twintigtal conferentiebezoekers is actief met elkaar in discussie gegaan bij deze parallel-workshop van NiT.

Een van hen was Christopher Birt (advisory board JPI HDHL) die in dit filmpje op 2’19

positief terugblikt op de NiT-workshop over de toekomst van de voedingswetenschappen.


Discussion summary

  • Evidence was seen as a concept that strongly builds on societal values to be combined with facts generated by multidisciplinary scientific research. Empirical research might provide a good foundation for the concept health, distinguishing between biomedical, social and emotional aspects.
  • Three layers are recognized in studying effects of nutrition on health; diet patterns, product groups and substances. These should be studied in a multidisciplinary approach on shared research questions where standardization is considered to be key for all scientific disciplines.
  • To achieve new scientific approaches in nutrition sciences more research money should be made available. EU should be leading the organizational harmonization stimulating scientists from different scientific disciplines working together.
  • The role of food industry is a point of conflict. Public-private partnerships may be the way forward but only when research independency can be guaranteed.